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vBulletin 3.5.x Code Mods - Extensions - Plugins Arşiv 60 MB lik Dev Arşiv

vB3.5 Code Mods

[ACP] Style available only for you [vB 3.5.0]
[for coders] Create Forumlist Dropdowns in Settings [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
[HIDE] Hack Resurrection [vB 3.5.1]
[RELEASE] Vb Announcements V1 [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
[SMF] Imported User Password Hack [vB 3.5.0]
[you] Replacement Mod [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
_Fix_ Large Images Posted with [IMG] Tag [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
Add additional timezones [vB 3.5.1]
Additional Section within Profile and Dropdown within Posts [vB 3.5.0]
admin cp login background [vB 3.5.0]
Admin Quick Stats On Own ACP Page [vB 3.5.1]
Administrators Using ACP [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Arrange Sub-Forums in columns [vB 3.5.1]
Attachment Option in Quickreply [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Auto Parse Onsite URL's [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Auto resize large image [vB 3.5.0]
Better looking database error screen [vB 3.5.0]
Change Guest to User on threads (EZBoard) [vB 3.5.1]
Collapse Signatures and Avatars in Posts [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
'Contact Us' - Add _image verification_ for registered users, too. [vB 3.5.0]
Datastore-Support for Plugins [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Debug Mode In Admincp Only [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Default profile pic- Show user's profile pic anywhere [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Different Language for AdminCP [vB 3.5.0]
Display Avatar In Any Template [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Email Login Hack [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Enable Debugmode just for your PC [vB 3.5.0]
Expanded Get New Posts - Hours, Minutes and Even Seconds [vB 3.5.0 Beta]
Expiry Date on Subscriptions [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Extra Profile Fields Page [vB 3.5.0]
Filter Threads By Post Icon [vB 3.5.0]
Forum Velocity [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
Forums arranged in columns on forumhome [vB 3.5.0]
Friendster Style Profile Fields_ clickable, searchable, fun! [vB 3.5.0]
Gallery for vBulletin 3.5.X [vB 3.5.1]
Group Plugins by Product in the ACP Plugin Manager [vB 3.5.1]
Hacks Version Checker [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
hidden quick reply that says who you're quoting [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Hooks Manager v2 [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Jump to Your Last Post in a Thread [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Latest announcement on forum home [vB 3.5.1]
Limit Database Error Mails [vB 3.5.0]
Login by username or email [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Minimum Picture Size [vB 3.5.1]
Moderate individual threads [vB 3.5.1]
Module CMPS_ vBA Gallery [vB 3.5.0]
Move and or Rename config.php [vB 3.5.1]
Move orphan threads to forum. [vB 3.5.1]
No Logout for Banned Users [vB 3.5.0]
Own Redirector and Anonymization V2.0 [vB 3.5.0]
Password Forums all Users (vb3.5) [vB 3.5.0]
PayPal Donations For vBulletin 3.5.0 [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
Playing Windows Media Files Inline [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
prefix url if store CSS as a file [vB 3.5.0]
Prevent Doubleposting [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
prevent shouting lowercasing all Instead Of Doing This [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Quick Email Finder [vB 3.5.0]
Quick Nick And Quote in QR [vB 3.5.0]
Quick Reply does not show in Closed Thread even for Moderators [vB 3.5.0]
Quick Reply Flasher [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Quick Reply Multiquote (Ported Xenon's vb3.0) [vB 3.5.0]
Quick Web Search [vB 3.5.0]
Random smilies in posts-reply [vB 3.5.0]
Remove admin notes [vB 3.5.0]
Replace large images in posts with links to the images [vB 3.5.0]
Report System Mod - PM instead of email [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Send HTML emails from adminCP [vB 3.5.1]
Show old reputations ratings [vB 3.5.1]
Show Spiders Online on ForumHome [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Show-Hide Private Forums [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
single-click navgroup expand-collapse [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Skip a Forums New Posts - Add _Mark Forum Read_ to New Posts search [vB 3.5.0]
Split ForumHome Page into Two Pages [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Test HTML Codes v1.0.0 [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Thread and Post Buttons for the Editor Toolbar [vB 3.5.0]
Thread Description v1.2 [vB 3.5.0 Beta]
Thread Prefixes [vB 3.5.1]
Threaded Forum Views [vB 3.5.1]
Thumbnails of Attachments on Forum-Display [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Use of $stylevar(center) [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Use real ip when proxy server is detected. [vB 3.5.1]
User Info Collapsable Postbit in Legacy [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
User rights for Smilies [vB 3.5.0]
Using phrases in user profile fields [vB 3.5.0]
v3arcade Addon Pack 1 [vB 3.5.1]
v3arcade Alternative Layout [vB 3.5.1]
v3arcade Champion(s) [vB 3.5.1]
v3arcade Leader Board v1.5 [vB 3.5.1]
vB3.5 Email notification if someone attempts to access your Admin or Mod CP [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
vB3.5 Forum Display Stats Cache Serialized [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
vB3.5.1 HIDE Hack.Resurrection_2.0.1_Expanded
vB Blinking Evelope on PM [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
vBPicGallery URLs in vBSEO sitemaps [vB 3.5.1]
vBPlugin Descriptions [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Visitor Totals Last 24hrs [vB 3.5.1]
World's Most Useless _Hack_ - No Credits In ACP! [vB 3.5.0]
Expanded Get New Posts - Hours, Minutes and Even Seconds [vB 3.5.0 Beta]
Friendster Style Profile Fields_ clickable, searchable, fun! [vB 3.5.0]
Prevent Doubleposting [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
User Info Collapsable Postbit in Legacy [vB 3.5.0 RC2]

vB3.5 Extensions

[ah]Testimonials [vB 3.5.0]
[AJAX] Admin CP Notes 1.0 [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
[AJAX] Check for Banned Emails on Registration-Email Change [vB 3.5.0]
[AJAX] Drop Down Message Display - Selector [vB 3.5.0]
[AJAX] vBShout v2.0 [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
[APM] Advanced Product Management 2.0.3 [vB 3.5.1]
[latex][-latex] bbcode [vB 3.5.0]
[Product] AJAX_ Username check on registration [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
[User CP Plug-in] Quick User Stats [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
[v1.6] Inferno RSS Forum Feeds Technology [vB 3.5.0]
¦ Userplane Webchat Instant-Install [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
ACP_ Search User by Userid [vB 3.5.0]
Active Link Security [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Activity Details [vB 3.5.0]
Add Custom WOL Locations from ACP [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Add Skype To IM List [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
Add Skype-Xfire-Google Talk to IM List [vB 3.5.0]
Add Usergroup as Moderator [vB 3.5.0]
Admin Mass PM Members [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Advanced Plugin Manager - Reloaded [vB 3.5.0]
Advanced Plugin Manager [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Advanced Syntax Highlighting - BBCode [highlight] [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Advanced Warning System (Beta Version) [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
ArticleBot XML Feed Poster 2.31 [vB 3.5.0]
Automatic Birthday Thread [vB 3.5.1]
Backlink for Quotes [vB 3.5.0]
Binary scrambled Posts [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Blog API_ Publish to vB Drupal from your Desktop [vB 3.5.0]
Blunts Welcome Member & Guests [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Boredom Cure in the AdminCP [vB 3.5.0 Beta 2]
Cafe Press Add-On [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Calendar Search and Comments for Events [vB 3.5.0]
Change Product ID [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Chatbox Lite [vB 3.5.0]
Commbull Community Bulletin 3.5 [vB 3.5.0]
Common SItes And Places of Interest hack [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
compare hooks xml [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
Competitions [vB 3.5.1]
Currently Now Playing [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Custom HTTP Error Pages [vB 3.5.0]
Custom Navbar Links [vB 3.5.0]
Custom Queries with parameters [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Cyb Forum Rules v1.0 [vB 3.5.0]
Cyb PayPal Donate 1.0 [vB 3.5.0]
DC Activity Statistics [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
DC SEO vB URL Rewrite [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Diaries-Owned Forums [vB 3.5.1]
Disable BBCode per Usergroup [vB 3.5.0]
Download Forum Thread To Your Computer (vB 3.5.x) [vB 3.5.0]
Download Thread as PDF [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Dynamic Announcements_ Programmable Forum Home Announcement-Message with conditionals [vB 3.5.0]
Dynamically Create Amazon Links to use your associate id [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
Easy Add Forum Moderator [vB 3.5.0]
EasyHack [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
eBay Integration Mod [vB 3.5.0]
ecDownloads 3.2 [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
ecDownloads vBAdvanced addon [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
e-steki Referrer Statistics [vB 3.5.1]
e-steki Smilie Maker 1.6 [vB 3.5.1]
Events CountDown - vBa CMPS Module [vB 3.5.0]
Exclude Usergroups from Char Limit [vB 3.5.0]
Extended Reputation Display [vB 3.5.1]
Extended Signature Limits [vB 3.5.1]
Flashchat Integration for vB 3.5 [vB 3.5.1]
FlashChat Intergration Shows No Option for Version 3.5.0 - Please help [vB 3.5.0]
FlashChat on vBulletin Page [vB 3.5.1]
Forum Duplication Tool [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Forum Title Language [vB 3.5.1]
Forumteaser (moderator-editable texts in forumdisplay) [vB 3.5.1]
Galaga Hack v1 [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Galaga Shields Add-on - Galaga Shields and shield notation for post count [vB 3.5.0]
Geek Auto-Linker 4.5 LITE [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Geek Gallery Popup 4.0 [vB 3.5.0]
Give Your Users a Custom Page on Your Site [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
Google sitemap for the vB Archives. Redirect human and robots. [vB 3.5.1]
Hide Threads with unfinished Polls [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Hideaways [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
hooks list [vB 3.5.0]
How to redo your vBulletin 3.5.0 Navbar in Four Easy Steps! [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
ibProArcade - professional Arcade System [vB 3.5.1]
Idiot Ban - Make fun of your troublesome users... [vB 3.5.0 Beta 2]
Image Directory Lister [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Image Hosting [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Images and Media Files Uploader [vB 3.5.1]
Import - Export vBRadio Stations [vB 3.5.0]
Import-Export BBCodes [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Improved Thread Preview 1.5 [vB 3.5.0]
Inactive User Management [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Inferno Quiz v2.2 [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Inferno Warning System v1.2 [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
ipInfo -- Extra user IP information [vB 3.5.1]
IRC Manager ( without Eggdrop-Mirc ) [vB 3.5.0]
JavaScript Tester Console [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4] (was Audioscrobbler ) integration into Member Profile Page [vB 3.5.0]
Links and Downloads Manager 2.1.0 [vB 3.5.0]
Mark User as Contributor [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Module CMPS_ Dice Roller [vB 3.5.0]
Module CMPS_ IbPro Game Block [vB 3.5.0]
Module CMPS_ Shoutcast Status Full [vB 3.5.0]
Module CMPS_ Top Posters [vB 3.5.0]
move banned mail groups on registration to moderated group [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
MPDev's Graffiti Wall [vB 3.5.0]
MS Timezone Image In Profile [vB 3.5.1]
Multiquote [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
My Server Info in AdminCP [vB 3.5.0]
New PM Popup Replacement [vB 3.5.1]
NNTP Gateway for Usenet ( Newsgroups ), Mailing Lists [vB 3.5.0]
Official SigmaChat Integration [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Opt-Out Forums from Get New-Get Daily [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Panic Button 1.01 [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
PhotoPlog_ The Lite Gallery [vB 3.5.1]
Phrase Type Manager [vB 3.5.0]
PJIRC Java Chat Integration [vB 3.5.1]
Post Award Hack [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Post Thank You Hack [vB 3.5.1]
Prevent bumping old Threads [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Private Message Workbench - Beta [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
PungoSpell Spell Checker for vB3.5 WYSIWYG and Standard mode [vB 3.5.0]
Quick Admin Tools [vB 3.5.0]
Quick Import - Add Product [vB 3.5.0]
Quote Post in Private Message [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
QuoteIt! - Quote Database [vB 3.5.0]
Read PMs [vB 3.5.0]
Require Users to Sign a Contract Before Posting in an Individual Forum [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Reset most users online from the AdminCP [vB 3.5.0]
Restrict Supermod Permissions [vB 3.5.0]
Resume [vB 3.5.0]
Rules and User Agreement Hack [vB 3.5.0]
Rules hack [vB 3.5.0]
Scan Attachments For Viruses [vB 3.5.1]
Search on AdminCP Index [vB 3.5.0]
Set PM max char per usergroup [vB 3.5.0]
Shoutcast Status Full (VB3.5) [vB 3.5.0]
Shoutcast Status Lite (VB3.5) [vB 3.5.0]
Show Checked Icon if User voted on Poll [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Show User's Avatar in Navbar v1.1 [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Show Users using Style in Stylechooser [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Simple pager - sms system for 3.5 (gold). [vB 3.5.1]
Simple Profile Pic Gallery [vB 3.5.0]
Simple vB User login and access control on non vB pages [vB 3.5.0]
Smart Hints [vB 3.5.0]
Smilie Limit Per Usergroup [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Soft Deleted Archive [vB 3.5.0]
Song of The Week [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Spam Decimator Version 1.0.5 [vB 3.5.0]
Sparkline historical data graphs [vB 3.5.0]
Steamcast 0.9.73 beta Status Full (VB3.5) [vB 3.5.0]
Super Admins can Read Private Messages [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
Super PM [vB 3.5.1]
SWF Clock & Calendar At Bottom Of FORUMHOME [vB 3.5.0]
TeamSpeak Online Hack 1.5 [vB 3.5.0]
Template Manager 0.6 [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
Thread Count in Postbit [vB 3.5.0]
Top Topics-Threads [vB 3.5.0]
Top 'X' Stats [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Top xx Posters List [vB 3.5.1]
Toplist [vB 3.5.1]
Toplist Random Site vBadvanced Module [vB 3.5.1]
Total Threads Hits At Forum Home [vB 3.5.1]
Total Time Spent On Forums [vB 3.5.0]
Track all Duplicate IP Addresses via Admin CP (by Jolten) [vB 3.5.0]
Transparency PNG pictures with Internet Explorer 6 (server-side solution) [vB 3.5.0]
uCash 1.1.1 [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Ultra Itemshop [vB 3.5.0]
Un-Activated User Management 3 [vB 3.5.0]
User Integration_ 4images Gallery 1.7.1 + vB 3.5.0 [vB 3.5.0]
Username Management - Control who can change Usernames plus history [vB 3.5.1]
v3 Arcade - Games Arcade System for 3.5.1 [vB 3.5.1]
vB Affiliates for 3.5 [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
vB Drupal CMS addon - Drupal develment debugger [vB 3.5.0]
vB Drupal CMS, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) [vB 3.5.0]
vB Drupal Community Plumbing_ Workflow module [vB 3.5.0]
vB Drupal_ Community Plumbing (CMS + Blogs) [vB 3.5.1]
vB Easy Archive - Search Engine Spiderable Hack! [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
vB Pizza Boy for 3.5 [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
vB Quick Links [vB 3.5.0]
vB Spell __ Spell Checker in WYSIWYG and Standard Modes [vB 3.5.0]
vB Survey_ Add a full-featured survey tool to your forum [vB 3.5.0]
vBa CMPS_ Teamspeak Block 3.5 [vB 3.5.0]
vBaCMPS Recent Subscribers PLUS Donate Button Module [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
VbBuddies RC 1 [vB 3.5.1]
vBdoc - Source code documentation in the admincp [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
vBExternal v1.6 [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
vBFeeds (RSS feeds on new page) [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
vBFOAF - Friend of a Friend RDF metadata exporter for vBulletin 3.5 [vB 3.5.1]
vBFriends - View your social network and surf to others in vBulletin 3.5 [vB 3.5.1]
VBGooglemap_ Google maps on your board [vB 3.5.1]
Vbjokes [vB 3.5.0]
vBJournal for vBulletin 3.5 [vB 3.5.1]
VBleague [vB 3.5.0]
vBookie for vBulletin 3.5 [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
vBouncer_ reduce server load by unsubscribing bouncing members from threads [vB 3.5.0]
VBphgstats Integration_ Game Server Query tool [vB 3.5.1]
vBPunch v1.2 - A Quick Warning System [vB 3.5.0]
vBRadio v1.0 [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
vBRecycle v3.0.5 [vB 3.5.0]
vBRules [vB 3.5.0]
vBSEO Google-Yahoo Sitemap Generator for vBulletin 3.5.x & vBulletin 3.0.x [vB 3.5.1]
VBStatExtended_ advanced statistics for your board [vB 3.5.1]
vBSupport System v1.0 [vB 3.5.0]
vBug Tracker Lite 3.5.1 [vB 3.5.1]
vBulletin SOAP API [vB 3.5.1]
vBusy_ Last minute session stats analyzer for admins [vB 3.5.0]
vBXirc 3.0.0 Beta 1 [vB 3.5.0]
View XML 0.2 [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
vMembers manages subscription purchases and downloads [vB 3.5.1]
Welcome Panel [vB 3.5.0 Beta 2]
Welcome Panel v1.0 [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Who Viewed My Profile [vB 3.5.0 RC 1]
whodownloaded this attachment [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Whodownloaded_IP with Dates [vB 3.5.0]
Whos On Teamspeak [vB 3.5.0]
World of Warcraft [item]-bbcode. [vB 3.5.1]
World Time Zones [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Yahoo Search Intergation [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Yet Another Awards System 3.5 v2.0.5 [vB 3.5.0]
Yet Another vB Login on non-vB Page [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Zip Attachments [vB 3.5.1]

vB 3.5 Plugins

[AJAX] vBShout v2 on your vBadvanced CMPS v2! [vB 3.5.0]
[Beta] bbcode Table Maker [vB 3.5.1]
[hide] hack [vB 3.5.0 Beta 2]
[plugin] Most Template Groupers You Need (alt. to absence one) [vB 3.5.1]
[vbadvanced Gallery & Links] Number of contributed pics & links in profile [vB 3.5.1]
[you] - Use the person who is viewings username in a post. [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
_In Reply To_ plugin (threaded view info for all view modes) [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
2 Plugins, Bypass Busy and Inactive errors on non-vB pages [vB 3.5.0]
404 Error Ban [vB 3.5.0 Beta]
Access Permissions Based on User's Post Count v2.1 [vB 3.5.1]
Activity Modification v2.51 [vB 3.5.1]
Add a banner image to each forum (vb3.5) [vB 3.5.0]
Add a Header - Footer option to each forum [vB 3.5.0]
Add Extra Header - Footer [vB 3.5.0]
Add Extra Header - Footer to FORUMHOME [vB 3.5.0]
Add User to Primary Usergroup Based on Value of Custom Profile Field [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Add User to Secondary Usergroup Based on the Value of a Custom Profile Field at Reg. [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Admin Edit of Post Username & Dateline [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Admin Permission Override [vB 3.5.0]
Adsense & Banner - Posbit [vB 3.5.1]
Adv. Editing Options for Mods and Admins [vB 3.5.0]
Advanced PM Options [vB 3.5.1]
Age Lock Hack [vB 3.5.1]
Alias V2.1 [vB 3.5.1]
Allow all mods to view deleted threads [vB 3.5.0]
Allow members to report own posts [vB 3.5.0]
Allow some usergroups to bypass _server too busy_ error [vB 3.5.0]
Allow Usergroups to Post HTML [vB 3.5.0]
Allows Signature turn off by Forum [vB 3.5.1]
Alternating row colors at polls [vB 3.5.0]
Always show reputation comments, comment after exceeding Rep Quota [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Anchor and Jump BBCode! [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Apply _rel=nofollow_ attribute to all parsed URLs [vB 3.5.0]
Assign Style to Search Engines [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Attachments in private messages [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Attachments Per Forum [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Auto PM on Reputation [vB 3.5.0]
Auto Prune Threads [vB 3.5.0]
Automatic Welcome PM [vB 3.5.0]
Automatically Start a Welcome Thread in the Forum of Your Choice [vB 3.5.0]
Auto-Moderation by Keywords [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Auto-Tachy Users [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Avatar On Navbar [vB 3.5.0]
Avatars Per Forum [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Average age in forumhome [vB 3.5.0]
Basic Glowing Username [vB 3.5.1]
Bring back the phpinclude templates [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Buddy & Ignore List Add-Remove in Postbit [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Bump Threads-Make Threads older [vB 3.5.0]
can't rate own threads [vB 3.5.0]
can't use pm with out X posts [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Censorship per Forum [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Change the ACP Display Order of Side Groups [vB 3.5.1]
Check DNSBL [vB 3.5.0]
Close Search during high server load [vB 3.5.0 Beta 2]
custom page wrapper [vB 3.5.0]
Default Avatar [vB 3.5.0]
Default Font-Size-Color in a Post. [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Default Sort Field-Order for Forumdisplay [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Delayed posts for selected usergroups [vB 3.5.1]
Delete PM after Reply is sent [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Different banner on each forumbit [vB 3.5.1]
Digichat Login Hack for VB3.5 [vB 3.5.0]
Disable Hard Thread-Post Deletions [vB 3.5.0]
Disable reply on thread if last reply is older than X [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Disable Swear Censor Per Forum [vB 3.5.0]
Disable threaded mode for large threads [vB 3.5.0]
Display count of unread posts in welcome box [vB 3.5.1]
Display members who have recently read a thread [vB 3.5.1]
Display Reputation Comments You Have Given [vB 3.5.1]
DNSBL-Open Proxy-Blocking [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Download PM in mbox Format [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Easy Postbit Switcher [vB 3.5.0]
Edit Poll Options [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
EMail Address Obfuscator v1.0.2 [vB 3.5.0]
Enhanced ACP Nav [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Event Attendance 2.0 [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Event Forums [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Expired Threads (Auto Close Threads) [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Extended auto-linker (adds ed2k and sip link recognition) [vB 3.5.1]
First post on every page of thread. [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
FlashChat - Who is in the chat. [vB 3.5.1]
Forbid the use of some symbols in USERNAME [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Forbid Users from Posting Links or Images if They Have Fewer than 15 Posts [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Force Current Members To Fill Out Required Profile Field [vB 3.5.0]
Fork Threads [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Forms Hack [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Forum Home Activity [vB 3.5.0]
Forum Rules page [vB 3.5.0]
Forum Skin in Profile [vB 3.5.0]
Gender Stats on Forumhome Addon [vB 3.5.0]
Global Administrator Notes [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
header marquee [vB 3.5.1]
Heggy's Error 404 Banning [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Hidden old threads for certain usergroups [vB 3.5.1]
Hide Empty Banned Reason [vB 3.5.1]
Hide links from guests [vB 3.5.0]
Hide Poll Results [vB 3.5.0]
Hide PostCount [vB 3.5.1]
Hide Quick Reply to Staff in Closed Threads [vB 3.5.1]
HITCounter - Link Forum Counter [vB 3.5.0]
Horizontal Yes-No selectors in ACP [vB 3.5.1]
Hot Topics VBadvanced CMPS Module [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo Online Status [vB 3.5.1]
Ignore username HTML markup for Moderator Column [vB 3.5.1]
Instant Thread Notification for Subscribed Forums [vB 3.5.0]
Jump to Your Last Post in a Thread [vB 3.5.0]
Keep Redirects for merged Threads [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Last Seen Online in postbit [vB 3.5.1]
Last XX Threads + Posts In UserCP [vB 3.5.0]
Latest Admin Actions on Admin CP Index [vB 3.5.0]
Latest Blog Feed in Postbit using Carp RSS [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Latest blog in postbit - magpierss [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Latest Threads On Forum Home [vB 3.5.0]
Latest X Paid Subscribers on Forum Home [vB 3.5.0]
Limit Poll Option Choices [vB 3.5.0]
Link Anonymizer [vB 3.5.1]
links only for selected usergroups [vB 3.5.0]
Live Forum Statistics in Header Template [vB 3.5.0]
Lock Post Moderation v1 [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Log Logins Hack [vB 3.5.1]
Mail Logging [vB 3.5.1]
Mark Forum As Read Using New Post Icon [vB 3.5.1]
Maximum New Threads-Replies Per X hours Per Usergroup & Forum [vB 3.5.1]
-me - irc feature [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Members who have posted on the forum (Today or last 24 hours). [vB 3.5.1]
Members who have visited the forum (Today or last 24 hours). [vB 3.5.1]
Message Editing Hierarchy [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Microstats - load times, server loads, queries, uncached templates [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Mini Navbar_ Breadcrumb at the bottom of a thread [vB 3.5.0]
Miserable Users [vB 3.5.1]
Most ever Members & Guests [vB 3.5.1]
Most ever Visitors, Posters & Chatters (Add-on) [vB 3.5.1]
Multiple Option BBCode [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
New Posts & Threads Since Last visit [vB 3.5.0 Beta]
New Reputation Comments (and Posts) Since Your Last Visit. [vB 3.5.1]
Nicer Greeting On NavBar [vB 3.5.1]
Notify user about his moved thread [vB 3.5.1]
Number Of Posts On Forumhome Today [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Number of threads in user profile [vB 3.5.0]
Number of Today's Birthdays on Forumhome [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Only selected usergroups can see links [vB 3.5.1]
Only Show IPs to Admins [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
only view thread if replied [vB 3.5.0 Beta 2]
Optimization for _Last Post in Profile_ [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Optional Thread Preview Hovertext [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Override Enhanced Template Editor [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Password Security [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
PayPal Payment Options [vB 3.5.0]
phpAdsNew Banner Ads integration (advertisements, classified ads, Adsense, etc.) [vB 3.5.1]
Playing Windows Media Files Inline Using Plugin [vB 3.5.1]
plugin - Replace email addresses in posts [vB 3.5.0]
PM All Online Users 1.1.1 [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
PM Attachments 3.5 [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
PM on Thread Move v1.0 [vB 3.5.0]
PM Preview 3.5 Edition [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Polls in Closed Threads [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Post Thank You Hack Stats for vBadvanced CMPS 2.x [vB 3.5.0]
Prefix url if storing CSS as a files [vB 3.5.0]
Prevent guests from viewing 2nd page and higher in a thread [vB 3.5.1]
Previous-Next PM [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Profile Picture Gallery [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Put a Column on the Left Side of Every Forum Page [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Put a Column on the RIGHT side of every forum page [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Put Adsense Banners in Your Archive [vB 3.5.1]
Quick Database Check [vB 3.5.1]
Quick Reply Thread Management [vB 3.5.1]
Quick ShoutBox [vB 3.5.0]
QUICKMODERATION_ Moderation queue info on Forums [vB 3.5.0]
Random Images Anywhere [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Random Number BBCode [vB 3.5.0]
Random Rotating Avatar for specific users [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Random Smilies - PLUGIN [vB 3.5.0]
Randomly positioned ad in between postbits in showthread [vB 3.5.0]
Realtime Template Compressor_ Reduces page sizes, loads pages faster, saves bandwidth [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Registration Denied if under 18 [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Replace Local Links With Title [vB 3.5.1]
Replace Previous and Next Link with Actual Thread Titles [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
Reply To for Reported Post eMails [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Reply to PMs without quoting them [vB 3.5.0]
Reply to Post via PM [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Reported post creates new thread. [vB 3.5.1]
require reputation reason [vB 3.5.0]
Require 'X' Reputation To Access a Forum [vB 3.5.0]
Required X Posts to Make New Thread in Y Forums [vB 3.5.1]
Restrict Style to Usergroup [vB 3.5.0]
RPG Inferno 2.4 Addon_ RPG Info in postbit [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
RPG Stats, yet again! [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Save a Copy of Sent PMs Preference in User CP [vB 3.5.1]
Save Old Emails 2.0.0 [vB 3.5.0]
Search for Posts in Thread by Username [vB 3.5.0]
Search & vBulletin 3 Manual via ACP [vB 3.5.1]
Search from admincp [vB 3.5.1]
Second Navbar At Bottom Of Thread [vB 3.5.0]
Secret Admirer [vB 3.5.0]
Selective Forum Filter 1.0.0 [vB 3.5.0]
Send a Private Message to Public Group Leaders Upon a Join Request [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Set forum-language automatic to browser-language for first-visitors [vB 3.5.0]
Set user notes in the ACP users section [vB 3.5.1]
Show an Avatar on Who's Online Instead of the Username [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Show Birthday Icon in Postbit [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Show Icon if User has a Profile Picture [vB 3.5.0]
Show my Posts-Thread [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Show Newest PM If Unread On Forum Home [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Show Public Groups and Users (on a seperate showgroups page) [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
Show Usergroup Description on Show Groups [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
Signature Image Size Limiter [vB 3.5.0]
Smilies in QR and QE [vB 3.5.0]
Sort threads by the date of the first post [vB 3.5.0]
Sort Who's Online by Last Activity default [vB 3.5.0]
Split Forumhome into several Pages [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Spoiler search fix [vB 3.5.0]
Stop User Registrations Via A Proxy [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Strike through Closed thread title [vB 3.5.0]
style name in postbit 0.3 [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
subscribed threads replied in navbar [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Tagged Threads_ Subscribed Threads behave like Sticky Threads [vB 3.5.0]
Test Your Members' Knowledge Before Allowing Them to Post in Certain Forums [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
The ADB IRC Emote Hack (type -me in IRC) [vB 3.5.1]
Thread Starter Column [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Thread Thumbnail [vB 3.5.0]
threads I started with new posts in navbar [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
Top 5 _Hot_ Topics on Forum Home Page [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
Top XX Referrers On Forumhome [vB 3.5.1]
Topic In Profile [vB 3.5.1]
Total Members (Registration) [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Unalterable Admins Can Edit Themselves [vB 3.5.0]
Uncheck URL Autoparse Checkbox [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
User Defined Date & Time Format Display [vB 3.5.0]
User Postbit Template Selection [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
User-Ban Info [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Usergroup Legend for ForumHome page [vB 3.5.0 Beta 4]
Usergroup Specific Adverts [vB 3.5.0]
Username Management Addon - History in Profile [vB 3.5.1]
Username Management Addon - Latest Username Changes on Forumhome [vB 3.5.1]
Usernote In Postbit v.2.0 [vB 3.5.1]
Userprofile Changed Date in Member Profile & recent changed on forumhome [vB 3.5.1]
User's avatar placeable everywhere (trivial, but requested) [vB 3.5.1]
Users Registered Today [v1.0] [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
Users Registered Today_ New Page Version [v1.0] [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
v3arcade Show Latest Addition and Game Count [vB 3.5.1]
vB3.5 15 Most Recent Searches Made By Our Members [vB 3.5.0]
vB3.5 Age in Profile [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
vB3.5 Local time and date in post and profile [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
vB 3.5 Yesterday-Today Timestamps - User Option [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
vB Category Icons [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
vB Forum Sponsors [vB 3.5.0]
vB Quick Attachment Host [PRODUCT] [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
vB Quick Sig Host [Product] [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
vB Ranking Version 1.1 [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
vB Staff Titles [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
vbAdvance Links - Who's Online and Template Grouper [vB 3.5.1]
vbPortal templates in one group [vB 3.5.0]
vBSEO Conditional Signatures - Search Engine Optimization Plugin [vB 3.5.1]
vBShout on all pages! [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
vBulletin Google Site Map [vB 3.5.1]
video bbcodes [vB 3.5.0]
Visitors in Last X Hours v1.1 [vB 3.5.0]
VSpam Scan (RC2) - Block Comment Spam From Your Board. [vB 3.5.0 RC1]
WAP Plugin BETA [vB 3.5.1]
Welcome headers - Improve community registration rates [vB 3.5.1]
Welcome thread on registration [vB 3.5.0]
Who can create threads in the chosen forum _ [vB 3.5.0 RC3]
Who is online last X hours [vB 3.5.0 Beta 2]
Who viewed this thread_ [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Who's Online for vBadvanced Gallery [vB 3.5.1]
Whos online in Admincp [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
Word Replacement [vB 3.5.0 RC2]
X newposts in Y threads [vB 3.5.0 Beta 3]
X% Of Forums Total Posts [vB 3.5.0 Beta 1]
You Can't See Attached Files Before Replying [vB 3.5.1]

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sohbet odaları sohbet odaları Yazgulu Sohbet
Alt 01 Nisan 2009, 03:34   #2
Kullanıcıların profil bilgileri misafirlere kapatılmıştır.
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It's not trustworthy

Is it perfectly facsimile ? Already saw the word-for-word info on this plot

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